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October 27, 2012
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Leman Russ by StoryKillinger Leman Russ by StoryKillinger
Well shit, more I worked on this more i felt bad about it.
Sure he wasn't stable in the sketch... i tried to fix that...
somehow, cant recall how(real good).
But oh well, can't say I learned much on this one. But I want to draw all them primarchs.. Biting more then I can chew kinda thing.

Anyways, behold Leman Russ, the Wolf King.
Biggest badass in the astrates.
Now that is arguable I know. BUT!
My opinion of the savage is faltering, lately I've been burning through some wh30k books, and currently im on Thousand Sons.
Must say, that I rather respect Magnus more.
For Wolves are the best in the field of slaying, and just that, they are an unstoppable genocidal machine but I rather prefer the Thousand Sons. For their search of knowledge suits me more then pure close minded genocide.
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As promised, I give you critique.

This is a really handsome picture. The color can be described as lush in spite of a fairly simple palette. You command light, shade and reflection here and .
Leman Russ looks very intimidating here. The pose is excellent and you've mastered -- shall we say -- Space Marine anatomy. He looks believable, and yet Russ is towering and imposing as he should be. The perspective contributes nicely to this.

Although I can see what you mean when you thought he "wasn't stable in the sketch" - if there was any problem with the body I can no longer see it, but his sword looks to be slowly warping. Each of the decorative sections connecting to the blade seem to be rotating in their own direction, meanwhile the blade itself is off tilt with the handle. What the hell is going with that thing? Seriously.

Additionally, the snow at his feet looks in places more like a fog. His heel doesn't exactly cut off in the snowdrift, so it feels somewhat incomplete there. I think that's the most disappointing part of the composition, strangely, but hey - at the least the way the picture's set up I'm not immediately drawn to the snow.

The most glaring problem here is that you've painted another Space Wolf.

Shockingly there were actually exactly enough pictures in your gallery to enable me to do that. But the problem is we've seen this from you a billion and a half times before. The subject matter is Leman Russ - Big Papa Wolf himself, but that makes no difference when just about damned every 40K pic you've done is Space Marines, who in themselves have been depicted in every possible pose, stance and situation imaginable. This image's subject matter is something of an exercise in rehash.

It even looks uncannily similar to Russ's figure in the cover of Prospero Burns. I venture a guess that you used that as reference for this, given he... well, he looks like a near-carbon copy of Russ's depiction there.

But, I think that you successfully give Russ a little more expression. The father and master of the Emperor's executioners ought to be a much scarier individual. You pulled that off.

But originality aside, your painting of Leman Russ is still an amazing one. This is easily one of your funnest pictures in my opinion, but for the love of your art draw some other 40K thing sometime!

But this picture kinda makes you one of my favorite 40K (and general) artists on deviantART, since it completes a profile that shows you are capable of a wide range of dynamics.

Well-done, SK.

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Not beardy enough... but neverthless awesome ;-)
very good :D

StoryKillinger Jun 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Emperor guide you.
not a bad design....but i'm afraid i have seen a far better artwork picture of Leman Russ and to date i haven't seen anything that beats it. factual points...Leman Russ had reddish brown hair, like a deep rust red, he wasn't blonde. he was always depicted as having red hair, i think it was even mentioned in the books. but i think that is the only major is ok
StoryKillinger May 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Actually depends on what book you read.
Exactly as with THOR the norse god of thunder that he so deeply is connected with.
Some depicted as redheaded some as blonde. (Thousand Sons Omnibus he is blonde)
hmmm well i have The Horus Heresy Collected Visions artwork book and that has numerous artowkr images of varois primarchs, Russ included and it always shows him as a redhead and i have always seen other people portray him the same way. considering the Collected Visions is a collection of artwork from the rise of the emperor all the way up until the end of the horus heresy and all of which is considered canon by the makers of 40k...i'm going with the redhead image
StoryKillinger May 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Matter of preference really.
On the other hand

Lets agree to disagree and say he dyed his hair during the crusades.
LOL i can agree to disagree but i doubt he dyed his hair...that just sounds like something none of the Primarchs would sounds more like an Eldar thing LOL. the first picture doesn't even look like a Primarch to me, he look to small and runty, the second one (my favourite n how i personally view him) hot only does he have red hair...but he is massively bulky, fierce looking and my god does he look like a true primarch. the third...better than the first certainly, but considering all the marines around him look similar in size...i can't believe it is Russ (blonde or not) i mean the primarch were sai to be like 9 to 10 feet tall (except alpharius n Omegon who were the same size as a marine)
StoryKillinger May 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, altho those are sisters of silence next to him, which makes it all more ... weird. Why are they so tall.
Anyways, I agree the second one is the best...
To be frank i have no idea why i did him blonde. I guess it was just set in my head like that.
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